Ticket Distribution


Every Airport Rail Link station has been installed with at least 2 automatic token dispensers. Number of automatic token dispenser in each station depends on station’s size. Automatic token dispenser at Airport Rail Link station is designed to calculate fare of a single passenger up to 5 passengers. The computer program will automatically calculate the fare, which passengers can use 1 baht, 5 baht, and 10 baht coins, or notes to purchase the token.

This machine has an automatic changing and receipt system. Token can be easily purchase by merely selecting the destination station. The machine will calculate the fare according to the distance. City Line’s fare start from 15 baht up to 45 baht, while Express’s fare is a flat rate of 150 baht. After the passenger has paid specified amount, the machine will dispense token as a gate pass for entering the platform, and it will print out a receipt for the amount and give out the change, which passengers have an option whether to print out the receipt.

Airport Rail Link has a prepaid pass, like other trains, when passengers touchthe pass at the reader, it will indicate the balance and details of which stationthe passenger has been travelled through, as well as number of time theprepay has been made. The minimal prepaid value is 50 baht, whichpassengers can prepay up to 1,000 baht. The machine does not have thechange system for the prepaying the prepaid pass. The system thatcoordinates with the automatic token dispenser is platform gate, which readsthe information in the token. If the information is valid, the gate will open toallow passenger to enter the platform. The gate has a capacity of 45passengers per minute. Number of gate depends on number of passengers and station’s size.

Update date : 07/04/2564

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